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Windows on the World: Berlin, 1989. The Fall of Communism and Re-Unification in Germany. Sunday March 31st, 2013, 7 pm


  • Get ready for the next session of Fialta's new Sunday evening: 'Windows on the
    World'. Each week an interactive presentation will open windows on a variety of subjects from around the world. 

  • This week's 'Windows on the World' will be the next session of our look on Germany. For the next two weeks we will move to the complex question of German re-unification and the events that led to it. As the communist regimes all over Eastern Europe started to crumble, also East-Berlin's leadership was under pressure from growing opposition and finally couldn't hand on to power. After the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9th 1989 soon calls for unification of the two German states emerged and less than a year later they were united. But it's not all sunshine, as dealing with the heritage of the past is often difficult and painful for many... 
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We start at 19.00


Fruits & cookies for the coffee-break are really welcome!

Myasnikova 35 (enter through the yard) http://www.fialta.org/p/contacts.html

Alcohol & other drug substances in Fialta room & its vicinities are forbidden!

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