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Signs in Europe: 3 countries and 7 languages

Imagine: young people from Belarus, Italy and Turkey coming together for a youth exchange project and discovering themselves talking in… 7 different languages!
It was a real discovery process going from 15 till 25 September 2014 in Torino, Italy: discovery of each other’s languages, cultures, lives and much more.
      During 10 days of the project participants – hearing and deaf young people - shared rooms, discussed life in their countries and problems young people face, visited National Institute of Deaf hood – studied, talked and even cooked pizza together with local young people, and finally, did an amazing flashmob on streets of Torino, signing a popular Italian song “Come un pittore” in Italian sign language!!
The project was organized by Association EUfemia (Torin, Italy) with support of EU “Erasmus plus” program. NGO “Youth Education Center “Fialta” was partner organization in Belarus.
8 young Belarusians, who took part in the exchange, said the biggest thing was that this project helped to get the barrier to communicate to each other, no matter what language you’re speaking!
See what some of them say:
“What I liked a lot was that all people we were talking to, when they did not know the sign language, they still wanted to understand us, and we managed to speak and understand each other” (Julia)
“In this project I heard many stories from hearing and deaf people, and it made me understand and believe, what ever happens in life, you can do everything – you can communicate without knowing the same language, there will be people who can support in hard times. And I decided that in my free time I would love to help people who need help”(Irina)
“After this project I want to learn sign language and communicate. It’s like English, if you know more languages, it makes you able to communicate to more people, and then the sign language will be used more” (Tatiana)
“For me the discovery was that there are many sign languages, and even the dialects in each country” (Andei)
On 19th November 2014 we invite you to presentation of the project in Fialta, where you can learn words in sign language, play games, sign a song, and many more!

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