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Brand new concept for Yoga Classes! 
Join on a deeper level!

What is Yoga?
The perception of yoga today in the western world has little in common with the original meaning of yoga. Because of this I'd like to try together with you to understand the complex life philosophy, which was actually behind it. In order to do that, we will travel back in time and read some of the main pieces of traditional indian yoga philosophy.
This experiment is divided into two parts:

Firstly we'll focus on the theory, we will hear a lecture on a part of the original texts or research and interpret together and discuss the meaning afterwards, but we'll also have a brief practising phase (Sunday, we start on 3rd February, 3 p.m.)

Secondly we will keep on practising yoga poses, but now with the help of a video, we will try different teachers and styles and reflect on them critically, discuss their effect on us, the quality, the skills of the teacher regarding also our gained knowledge in the theoretic part. (Wednesday, the first one is on 6th February, 7 p.m.)

Please send me your email address if you are interested as a personal message or elise8394@gmail.com so that I can plan event for certain amount of people and for you to be updated if new information appears.
The meetings will be held in English language.

ГДЕ? ОО "МОЦ "Фиальта", ул. Мясникова 35 (вход со двора)

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