четверг, 28 февраля 2013 г.

Windows on the World: Pirates, Pogoanarchists & Co.

March 3rd, 2013, 7 p.m.

  • Pirates, Pogoanarchists & Co. A look at the spectrum of small parties in Germany.
  • Get ready for the next session of Fialta's new Sunday evening: “Windows on the World”. 
  • Each week an interactive presentation will open windows on a variety of subjects from around the world.
  • This week's 'Windows on the World' will be the starting point into a new thematic block. For the next few weeks we will look at: Germany. The first session is titled 'Pirates, Pogoanarchists & Co' and will deal with small and sometimes seemingly obscure poltitical parties in Germany. Even though most of them never got a considerable number of votes in any election they are part of the spectrum of parties and keep proposing their ideas. Prominent examples will include the Pirate's Party or the Anarchistic Pogo Party. Be sure to stop by this sunday to learn more... 

We start at 19.00

Fruits & cookies for the coffe-break are really welcome!

Myasnikova 35 (enter through the yard) http://www.fialta.org/p/contacts.html

Alcohol & other drug substances in Fialta room & its vicinities are forbidden!

You can follow Fialta's events through twitter @Fialtacity

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