четверг, 21 февраля 2013 г.

Windows on the World: Satire foresees Reality

February 24th, 2013, 7 p.m.

  • Isn't reality sometimes be the best satire?

  • Get ready for the next session of Fialta's new Sunday evening: “Windows on the World”. 
  • Each week an interactive presentation will open windows on a variety of subjects from around the world.
  • This week's Windows on the World' is once more headlined 'Satire meets Reality', or more precisely, 'Satire foresees Reality'. Satirists always try to think of absurd ideas and exaggerations to unmask the flaws of reality. But don't worry reality often catches up. This Sunday we look at examples where seemingly weird jokes of satirists became a reality later. One example is Gillette, which came up with the idea to add a second blade to their razors. The satire magazine "The Onion" took it one step further and claimed in 2004 that in the future the only improvement of Gillette's products will be the addition of more blades. In 2006 Gillette presented it's newest innovation, the 'Fusion', a razor with 5 blades. Wait what other real events and phenomenons were first a crazy idea of satire...

We start at 19.00


Fruits & cookies for the coffe-break are really welcome!

Myasnikova 35 (enter through the yard)http://www.fialta.org/p/contacts.html

Alcohol & other drug substances in Fialta room & its vicinities are forbidden!

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