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Windows on the World: Migration Country Germany?

Sunday March 17th, 2013, 7 p.m.

  • Migration Country Germany? Germany between integration and parallel societies.
  • Get ready for the next session of Fialta's new Sunday evening: 'Windows on the World'. Each week an interactive presentation will open windows on a variety of subjects from around the world.
  • This week's 'Windows on the World' will be the next session of our look on Germany. The event is titled 'Migration Country Germany? Germany between integration and parallel societies.' The German national soccer team seems to display the diverse society that Germany is today. It features players with a variety of backgrounds. Poland, Spain, Turkey or Ghana were the home country of their parent's generation, before they decided to migrate to Germany. But as opposed to other European countries like the UK or France, Germany has only been a popular migration target for a few decades. This weeks 'Windows on the World' will look at still existing resentments and other problems people with a migration background face but also highlight achievements made in recent years...
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We start at 19.00


Fruits & cookies for the coffee-break are really welcome!

Myasnikova 35 (enter through the yard) http://www.fialta.org/p/contacts.html

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